Saturday, 10 November 2012

Vintage Christmas cards on Zazzle

Just nipped back in to post this link. I just realised that although I gave some samples of greeting cards in the last post (yesterday) I did not mention christmas cards. Have to put this right! See a selection of my vintage christmas cards (and some by others) in this Squidoo lens (=web page), Vintage themed christmas cards.

Hope you find something that helps make your mind up.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Greeting cards on Zazzle

I wish I knew what sells on Zazzle. Have I said that before?

I guess it is just necessary to keep plugging away. And here are a few cards which I have in my card shop on Zazzle. New additions arriving (?) regularly, at least I do try to keep adding different designs to build up the number of designs available.

I have now started a page on Facebook to try and promote my Zazzle stores, I would appreciate your visit and possibly a like, they seem to be important for some reason. And don't forget my Zazzle lenses on Squidoo. They can all be reached via a directory lens (=lensography), but for a rundown of my first steps on Zazzle, try this one, in which I document how I learnt a few home truths while starting a store.