Saturday, 23 February 2013

Latest Zazzle Sales

I have had a few successful sales on Zazzle this year so far, but overall my sales are so very disappointing.

I guess (hope?) this is all about promotion, should I be getting more of the right keywords in product titles and especially descriptions. I will have to think very carefully about keywords when adding new products and try to add more keywords as well as the simple desription of the image which I have been doing so far.

I shall also be promoting more heavily on certain social media sites. I need to consider which ones I shall be working with. I have a facebook page called Pastel Landscape Paintings which I am using to promote my main preoccupation, namely my pastel paintings. Why not slip over and take a look at my page and give me a like to keep up with postings.

Some of my sales this year have been:-

red poinsettia plate
red poinsettia plate by artyfax
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tree and blue evening sky - pastel painting on Zazzle products

I hope that you caught my last post, I mentioned a new pastel painting which was available on Zazzle as a canvas print. I have now done as I promised and made it available on a range of products. I am really pleased with this painting and have used it as is and also after editing in photoshop. The edits are quite simple just colour and saturation but they do provide a series of products which I think may please a wide range of people. If those people were in the market for the products I am offering then that would make a very happy circumstance.

First of all, there is the original printed image on canvas:-

A poster of the same image:-

A pack of playing cards with a unique design on the back:-
Tree and Blue Sky, Evening.
Tree and Blue Sky, Evening. by ArtyfaxProducts
Check out other Blue Playing Cards at

A Greeting card, the messages can be personalised by customising the product:-
Tree and Blue Sky, Evening.
Tree and Blue Sky, Evening. by ArtyfaxProducts
You can sell greeting cards , invitations, stamps and more on!

A post card, of course with the same design again:-

A throw pillow, just to provide a different image:-

I think by now you get the idea. If you like the image, I can probably design it onto any of the Zazzle products. Why not take a look at the whole range?

Some different edits next time around, perhaps. See you then.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New pastel painting available on Zazzle

Just completed and posted a new painting on Zazzle, first up is a wrapped canvas.

Tree and Blue Sky, Evening.
Tree and Blue Sky, Evening. by ArtyfaxProducts
Make a photo canvas online at Zazzle.

I have a number of edits from photoshop, different colours and saturation levels of this image and will be creating products with these over the next few days. Please visit my store and check on these.

The photo in a different edit is shown for information

See my reasons for changing the original painting on my blog "painting with john"