Monday, 9 December 2013

More Sales From My Zazzle Store

I am not a power seller by any means, I still find it difficult to spend time promoting my stores and products but I do find that I get occasional sales. Like this postcard, using a public domain image:-

And a very sale of a tee-shirt:-

But the biggest disappointment for me is the continued lack of sales of any of the products with my own paintings on them. Some of my collages sell the odd greeting card and even a couple of tees, but it is not the same. In fact I did sell a lap-top bag, with a pastel painting on it but unfirtunately it was returned. Obviously, the buyer (or the recipient, if it was a gift) did not feel that the product did the image justice. Although I have bought a few items myself, and have been very satisfied with the products and printed images, I see many reviews where buyers are not pleased particularly with the way thaat the colours are rendered. And as my paintings rely upon the colours rather thaan any draftmanship, this is disappointing. I have sold a few with photographs but nothing to shout about.

The laptop-bag, oh yes this was it:-
Sunset thru' trees, laptop bag laptop computer sleeve by PastelsByArtyfax
View more laptop computer sleeve designs from Zazzle.

I am slowly building up a portfolio of products but am thinking that I need to add more of the iconic and text based designs. I will have to see where I go in the new year. 

My basic issue, and one that many sellers mention, is the inability to move products between shops. I thought at first this may have been due to a shop-based url but I cannot see any reference to the shop in the address - of course it could be contained in the code. I find I keep aadding stores when I have an idea for a different tack and it keeps rebounding on me since there are now so many. it makes it difficult to manage them. Especially since Zazzle destroyed hours of work in their last major change to the look of the site. Most of my shops are not now looking good at all.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Recent Sales, Christmas Is Coming!

I have seen a very small uptake recently, cards mostly and today two christmas cards. I did post about christmas cards recently but they were referred by a third party.

Does it frustrate you that as a designer, you only earn a small fraction of that earned by someone who refers the buyer to the site? I find it very unfair. But here are the ttwo cards which  sold:-

These sales have made me look to my laurels and do two things:- 1) Create more designs 2) Get promoting to take advantage of the holiday season I have a question for anyone ... do cards with or without messages sell best? I have now sold a few so I will be going back over my account to check this out for myself but if anyone does have a feeling on this please leave a comment and share your thoughts. Let you know the results of my search next time.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

65& off all Zazzle canvasses

Just received this notification and thought I would pass it on

Exclusive 2-Day Sale! 65% OFF All Wrapped Canvases USE CODE: CANVAS4WALLS

Check out my canvasses on my zazzle shop

I do have many others on other stores which you can find easily from my profile page using the above link 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Is it too early for christmas cards?

I reaally don't think so. Most of the big stores are even now beginning to stock their shelves with christmas goods, and after Halloween they will have many more feet of shelf space. Here are a couple of cards from my Zazzle store, both using vintage images:-
snowflake christmas card
snowflake christmas card by ArtyfaxCards
Add your photos and text to blank greeting cards at Zazzle

I also have many other cards and gifts with similar images, why not take a look, you might be pleased that you did.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mr and Mrs Snowman Mug

A very quick post as I get back into the swing of blogging after a recent holiday and a number of minor problems.

Have you heard, Christmas is on the way? Just thought I would add my two-pennorth and present a cute christmas mug from my Zazzle store. A vintage christmas card image. Because of the source it may not be as sharp as a brand new creation. But in Queen Victoria's day graphics wasn't quite so advanced.
Mr and Mrs Snowman mug 
Make mugs online at Zazzle.

What do you think?

Friday, 16 August 2013

Pastel landscapes on Zazzle

I am posting here some recent pastel paintings which I have uploaded to Zazzle, they are not on many products at the moment but will soon be found on many of the products in Zazzles product range. If you particularly like an image but would like to see it on something which isn't yet available, please let me know and I will oblige as quickly as possible. It would be best to contact me via my Zazzle account (profile). Let me bring you some of my recent artwork:-

red sky blue village stretched canvas print
red sky blue village stretched canvas print by PastelsByArtyfax
Check out more Sunset Canvas Prints at Zazzle

I hope that you enjoy these paintings, and that you might consider even a postcard from my store; but it isn't a pre-requisite; if you simply want to browse the store and enjoy the art please free to do so with my best wishes.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Recent sales on Zazzle

I have sold a few ( sadly only a few) greetings cards recently. This is a selection from the past couple of weeks. I am never going to get rich on this record.

Keep calm, humerous greeting card
Keep calm, humerous greeting card by artyfax
Look at other Boat Cards at

helix nebula birthday card
helix nebula birthday card by ArtyfaxCards
View other Hubble Cards at

I am thankful that I am earning a small income from my writing on sites like Squidoo (see a list of my articles, called lenses by Squidoo) and Bubblews (this will take you to my profile on the site); these pay for my broadband and a few things like printer ink and paper. 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

New products on Zazzle - Watches

Zazzle is to introduce a number of new products in the near future, the first of many I have been designing is watches:

Take a look at a few that you can find on my zazzle store. Using photographs, sporty anad from The Hubble Telescope, photomanipulations and vintage images, they all look great. Be individual with a fun design, on a high quality eWatchFactory Classic Stainless Steel Watch. Take a look:-

Pink kaleidoscope
Pink kaleidoscope by artyfax
Check out other Wristwatches online at Zazzle
Anglers watch
Anglers watch by artyfax
View additional Watches online at Zazzle
Little angels watches
Little angels watches by artyfax
See more Vintage Watches at
See one you like? Or maybe you see one as a pressent for someone near or dear to you. Click on any and you will be taken to Zazzle, there you can see very many more. Simply use the Zazzle search to see hundreds of unique designs.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Latest Zazzle Sales

I have had a few successful sales on Zazzle this year so far, but overall my sales are so very disappointing.

I guess (hope?) this is all about promotion, should I be getting more of the right keywords in product titles and especially descriptions. I will have to think very carefully about keywords when adding new products and try to add more keywords as well as the simple desription of the image which I have been doing so far.

I shall also be promoting more heavily on certain social media sites. I need to consider which ones I shall be working with. I have a facebook page called Pastel Landscape Paintings which I am using to promote my main preoccupation, namely my pastel paintings. Why not slip over and take a look at my page and give me a like to keep up with postings.

Some of my sales this year have been:-

red poinsettia plate
red poinsettia plate by artyfax
See more Red Plates at

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tree and blue evening sky - pastel painting on Zazzle products

I hope that you caught my last post, I mentioned a new pastel painting which was available on Zazzle as a canvas print. I have now done as I promised and made it available on a range of products. I am really pleased with this painting and have used it as is and also after editing in photoshop. The edits are quite simple just colour and saturation but they do provide a series of products which I think may please a wide range of people. If those people were in the market for the products I am offering then that would make a very happy circumstance.

First of all, there is the original printed image on canvas:-

A poster of the same image:-

A pack of playing cards with a unique design on the back:-
Tree and Blue Sky, Evening.
Tree and Blue Sky, Evening. by ArtyfaxProducts
Check out other Blue Playing Cards at

A Greeting card, the messages can be personalised by customising the product:-
Tree and Blue Sky, Evening.
Tree and Blue Sky, Evening. by ArtyfaxProducts
You can sell greeting cards , invitations, stamps and more on!

A post card, of course with the same design again:-

A throw pillow, just to provide a different image:-

I think by now you get the idea. If you like the image, I can probably design it onto any of the Zazzle products. Why not take a look at the whole range?

Some different edits next time around, perhaps. See you then.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New pastel painting available on Zazzle

Just completed and posted a new painting on Zazzle, first up is a wrapped canvas.

Tree and Blue Sky, Evening.
Tree and Blue Sky, Evening. by ArtyfaxProducts
Make a photo canvas online at Zazzle.

I have a number of edits from photoshop, different colours and saturation levels of this image and will be creating products with these over the next few days. Please visit my store and check on these.

The photo in a different edit is shown for information

See my reasons for changing the original painting on my blog "painting with john"

Monday, 28 January 2013

Playing cards customised with your own photographs

Zazzle has an ever increasing product range, playing cards have been around a few months but could be just what you want for that special gift.

winter scene, frozen canal deck of cards
winter scene, frozen canal deck of cards by ArtyfaxProducts
Browse Frozen Playing Cards online at

Portrait of Ragdoll cat Deck Of Cards
Portrait of Ragdoll cat Deck Of Cards by prophoto
Check out another Deck of Cards

The possibilities are endless, you can create your own deck of cards, or select from a range of thousands. Add a photo, or cartoon or any image you can think of and then overlay text. There are also loads of different styles of playing cards to choose from. Different colours, large index characters, different royal cards and even a distressed version. Take a look by visiting any of the above decks on Zazzle and you woun't know when to stop. Go on , I dare you; take a look now. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Pillow Designs On Zazzle

I am still adding to the portfolio of designs on my Zazzle account: these three are digital designs. From a photograph of a red leaf bract on a pieris plant, I created a kaleidoscopic design using Photo Shop from a tutorial by Helen Bradley which I found on the web.

I then used the ability to change hue and saturation to create this design in three different colours. I have put these onto ipad covers and computer and messenger bags - so far. Today, I have created designs on throw pillows which I am posting here.

yellow kaleidoscopic abstract pillow
yellow kaleidoscopic abstract pillow by ArtyfaxProducts
Look at other Kaleidoscopic Pillows at

I will be adding these design to other products asap, if you are interested in any particular product please leave a comment here and I will endeavour to aadd the design to that product as a priority.

Monday, 14 January 2013

A Sale From My Zazzle Store

A news flash!

Just as I was giving up and starting to consider opening more POD stores on the internet (see the previous post) I have today learnt that I have made a sale on my Zazzle store:
red poinsettia plate
red poinsettia plate by artyfax
Look at more Red Plates at zazzle

It does not mean that my financial future is secure but it it a really great feeling. Is it the start of something big?

Oh well back to the task of enlarging my product portfolio on Zazzle and on the other planned sites. I know that having too many and spreading myself too thinly may be counter productive but I think Three may do for a start. These will be:-

  1. Zazzle
  2. Red Bubble
  3. Deviant Art (to be set up as of today)
I will be posting of any more successes, at this rate I could post each sale here without losing any sleep.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Zazzle Sales and Branching Out

Well the bubble had to burst! I have not had much joy on Zazzle, my sales are non-existent:

three things:
  1. Nobody likes my designs
  2. I am not good enough at SEO to get them found, or poor at promoting the products
  3. Zazzle is too expensive, although lots do seem to get to the Zazzle pro level
Or maybe any combination of all three. I am resolved to keep at it and to try to get better with promotion and keep posting design from time to time.

But I am also resolved to try more POD sites and widen my potential visibility. the first alternative site I have opened an account on, is RedBubble I have uploaded several of my pastel landscapes and a number of photographs, not near enough I know but time on the computer is at a premium. Slowly but surely is the way forward, I am not after a get-rich-quick-route as long as I can show some progress after 12 months.

See this image on various prints and other products at Redbubble

Talking about progress reminds me, I have been on RedGage now for 12 months sharing photos, links and the odd blog post. I have earned about 56 dollars over that time for simply sharing the content. As the portfolio of content increases I expect that the rate of rise in these earnings will improve. Again I need to promote my content on the site more but time is still the enemy. On the other hand it should be a small passive income to add to other small income streams which may amount to something one of these days.

It is a good job that my main reason for sitting at the computer is fun and enjoying my hobbies of photography, painting and writing. LOL