Monday, 27 July 2015

Want A New Mug For Christmas?

Too early for Christmas? Of course not! Take your time to pick just the right design and style - make it personal and why not get one for someone special too. Put them away and surprise your partner nearer Christmas. You know it makes sense.
Blue Santa mug
Blue Santa mug by ArtyfaxProducts
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snowman mug
snowman mug by ArtyfaxProducts
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christmas star mug
christmas star mug by ArtyfaxProducts
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poinsettia mug
poinsettia mug by ArtyfaxProducts
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I hope to be back with more gift ideas for you and your significant other over the next few weeks and months as Christmas approaches.

If you can't or don't want to use, then simply visit your local zazzle site and search for ArtyfaxProducts, one of my stores specialising in gifts.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Original Abstract Art On Canvas

Following on from the last post, I continue to present some of my art printed onto stretched canvas; these are from my "back catalogue". You can see, and read about, more of my art on my original art blog, "Artyfax - An Artists Blog". and on a Moth-balled blog, "Painting With John", which has been put on hold because I no longer distinguish between art of different genre - I found that too many blogs take more time than I have free at present.

Windows2 abstract canvas canvas print
Windows2 abstract canvas canvas print by PastelsByArtyfax
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I started painting abstracts simply to use some of the brighter soft pastel from sets which I had purchased, However, I grew to love abstract painting and it now forms a large part of my work. I hope that you might find these worthwhile.

By the way, these canvases come in many different sizes, and some are quite inexpensive. why not take a look at the above and maybe browse my Zazzle stores?

The images also appear on many different products, Zazzle now has a wide range and I can arrange to place any images on most of their products. Do contact me via a comment here or on Zazzle if you would like a special image on any product not available on my store.

I can also be found on any of the Zazzle national sites, as postage from the US can be prohibitive.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sunset through trees - an original pastel painting

My initial reason for joining Zazzle was to try a make a little cash from my paintings; these were the images which I used in my early days with this Print-On-Demand company.  Alas, the best laid plans do not always work out as you hoped. I soon found out that success on this site was not simply dependent on having good original images. Like most things you need to work at it, hence this blog. However, I guess I am not terribly good at promotional work. Most of my sales have been products with photographic or cartoon images. Am I despondent? Of course not! I am too much in love with painting to worry over whether I can make money from it. I have sold several at exhibitions, but then I am always sorry to lose them. I often wonder if they end up in someone's garden shed or worse yet, maybe even the local rubbish tip.

But I keep trying - in my own way to put forward the images on Zazzle products, maybe I will strike lucky one day. Or perhaps when I am not here, my artistic merit (ahem!!!) will be recognised and my family will see a benefit. So here is a reminder of a painting, one which I am very fond of. I used a photograph, as a reference for this sunset, which a friend had posted onto a web page. Sometimes, I wonder if my sunsets are a little too colourful but then I see something like this - nature is wonderful.The first product is a printed canvas - a range of sizes are available with prices to match.

Or what about a postcard? Or a greeting card? I even do mugs with this image and will be happy to try to put the image of this paiting or any other on any Zazzle product. Just leave me a message in the comment section.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Saphire Blue Lily, New Birthday Greeting Cards

Time rolls on and here are some new greeting cards which may appeal to you for a female friend. The flower is an unusual saphire blue lily, all the more interesting because of the orange stamens which are of course the complementary colour to blue according to the colour wheel.

And secondly another similar card showing a photograph of the bunch from which the above photograph was taken.

Saphire Blue Lily Blank greeting card
Saphire Blue Lily Blank greeting card by ArtyfaxCards
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Monday, 29 December 2014

Greeting Cards Featuring Original Watercolour Sketches

My artwork has been a little scarce recently, as I try to get back to terms with watercolours. It has been so long since I used them in anger. However, one or two sketches have grown on me and I have put them onto Greetings cards.

All my cards and most products can be completely customised to include your own personal greetings message.

Friday, 28 November 2014

A New Watercolour Painting Now Available On My Zazzle Store

I have recently placed a new watercolour painting on canvas and paper media at my Zazzle store. I will be placing it on a number of other products in the near future. As with any of my designs, if you like the look of an image whether photographic or painted, I will be only too pleased to place them on any product which it is not already available on.

This may obviously be dependent upon size and other factors, but I will look carefully at any requests

Please either leave a message in the Zazzle store in which you have seen the image or in the comment area on this blog. I will answer as soon as possible, hopefully with a positive response.

But back to this new watercolour, first of all a poster version:-

As standard, this is a matte finish, but is available in semi-gloss or full-gloss finish to your requirements. Simply choose CUSTOMISE and edit. It is also available in different sizes.
It is also available as a stretched canvas print.

Lastly for now, one of the other possibilities is one of the range of mugs which are available on Zazzle, from basic mugs to steins and more:-

For many other, different art and photographic designs visit my Zazzle profile which lists five separate stores .

The icons are a little fuzzy at the moment, Zazzle rehashed its page designs and my lovely small icons for the stores and departments are now being shown at twice the intended size. Oh well, I just need to find more time to sort out those little niggly problems. BUT be assured the images on the designs are not similarly afflicted. They are sharp and focused on the products, honestly.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

A Mug For A Musician

I have just posted a story about how I have found a second wind as a musician, because I was bought a ukulele as a Christmas present. Read it under the tab, "Musical Me", which will take you to my blog, "Guitar Bashin".

This is just a quick post about a mug I have just posted onto Zazzle.
Have UKE will travel mug
Have UKE will travel mug by ArtyfaxProducts
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You can buy one if you want and even change the image to one of your own, showing the recipient of the mug if it is a gift. Or even go the whole hog and replace the text to reflect another instrument. Have fun ...