Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New Sale From My Zazzle Store

Is this news? Most definitely, I have not had a sale since early June and I must admit to have been getting quite despondent.

However this morning when checking my e-mail I saw that (by now) unfamiliar message - YES!

And to make it even better it was for an i-phone case which gives me a decent royalty, not just a few cents for a card, etc. Not that I wouldn't like to see more card sales, of course I would but seeing the royalty in dollars rather than cents is so much more fulfilling. Do I sound mercenary? Well that's the reason I am on Zazzle after all. This is the item sold:-

dancing couple in sillouette iphone 4 covers
dancing couple in sillouette iphone 4 covers by artyfax
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The only issue is that as an artist, the head of the male dancer being hidden is a faux pas. I designed the item on an i-3 phone case, on which the head was quite visible.  Zazzle allows the design to be used on several versions of products, such as different i-phone cases; the idea being that.you design one product and the buyer can select the version. In this case it seems that the lens is quite different and spoils this particular version. Oh well, the buyer can always return it if upset - and my royalty can go down the pan, LOL

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