Saturday, 23 February 2013

Latest Zazzle Sales

I have had a few successful sales on Zazzle this year so far, but overall my sales are so very disappointing.

I guess (hope?) this is all about promotion, should I be getting more of the right keywords in product titles and especially descriptions. I will have to think very carefully about keywords when adding new products and try to add more keywords as well as the simple desription of the image which I have been doing so far.

I shall also be promoting more heavily on certain social media sites. I need to consider which ones I shall be working with. I have a facebook page called Pastel Landscape Paintings which I am using to promote my main preoccupation, namely my pastel paintings. Why not slip over and take a look at my page and give me a like to keep up with postings.

Some of my sales this year have been:-

red poinsettia plate
red poinsettia plate by artyfax
See more Red Plates at

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