Monday, 24 October 2011

Is it too soon for christmas

I have decided that it is time I started posting a few christmas orientated products on my Zazzle shop. There are many public domain images on the internet so there is no shortage of ideas and images to use, I just need a little time to start to get some work done and design a few. I thought starting off with a few cards would be best. Then once I have uploaded some images for these I can start to turn out more products. Christmas ornaments seems to be a possibility for the next batch.

Here are a selection of the first few cards that I have posted:-

Poinsettia Christmas card card
Poinsettia Christmas card by ArtyfaxCards
See more Christmas Cards

 Except for the snowflake design (from Brenda-Starr in the flickr group, collage images) , the images used above were obtained from Kim Newberg's art community, Paper Digital Art and Images by Kim

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