Saturday, 29 December 2012

At last a sale from my zazzle store!

Thought my Zazzle store had become invisible or something, no sales up to or over the christmas period most disappointing. But this morning finally brought some good news - A SALE. Admittedly only a greeting card but at least it is something, brings me the grand total of £0.12. Wow, I had put in a fair bit of effort but not too much as I am becoming bored with working on the store(s) and not seeing any return. I only do a little now and then now. A whole year and only 12 sales in total and a couple of those were from me to use up the meagre royalties and a discount offer - only to find that I had to pay almost as much again in duties when they got here.

I get lots of good comments but dont seem to get any sales, I can make more writing elsewhere, but I shall keep the account live and the stores open. Adding a few products slowly, why not? I waste plenty of time elsewhere on the internet.

See new cards/postcards on my Zazzle account:

Most of my products are designed using my own artwork, especially the pastel paintings which I am currently creating. I also use some of my mixed media collage work and photography. A less often used source of images are public domain images from the internet, such as Hubble telescope pictures or Dover publications. So it is a fairly wide selection of images on a wide selection od products but sales do seem to keep eluding me.

I know I am told to keep making products on the store, but I never seem to hit the magic number which seeems to bring the buyers. Maybe it is SEO again, that debillitating subject for a creative artist which means that the internet just doesn't work for us.

Here is one of the latest postcards:-

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