Saturday, 16 November 2013

Recent Sales, Christmas Is Coming!

I have seen a very small uptake recently, cards mostly and today two christmas cards. I did post about christmas cards recently but they were referred by a third party.

Does it frustrate you that as a designer, you only earn a small fraction of that earned by someone who refers the buyer to the site? I find it very unfair. But here are the ttwo cards which  sold:-

These sales have made me look to my laurels and do two things:- 1) Create more designs 2) Get promoting to take advantage of the holiday season I have a question for anyone ... do cards with or without messages sell best? I have now sold a few so I will be going back over my account to check this out for myself but if anyone does have a feeling on this please leave a comment and share your thoughts. Let you know the results of my search next time.

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