Monday, 9 December 2013

More Sales From My Zazzle Store

I am not a power seller by any means, I still find it difficult to spend time promoting my stores and products but I do find that I get occasional sales. Like this postcard, using a public domain image:-

And a very sale of a tee-shirt:-

But the biggest disappointment for me is the continued lack of sales of any of the products with my own paintings on them. Some of my collages sell the odd greeting card and even a couple of tees, but it is not the same. In fact I did sell a lap-top bag, with a pastel painting on it but unfirtunately it was returned. Obviously, the buyer (or the recipient, if it was a gift) did not feel that the product did the image justice. Although I have bought a few items myself, and have been very satisfied with the products and printed images, I see many reviews where buyers are not pleased particularly with the way thaat the colours are rendered. And as my paintings rely upon the colours rather thaan any draftmanship, this is disappointing. I have sold a few with photographs but nothing to shout about.

The laptop-bag, oh yes this was it:-
Sunset thru' trees, laptop bag laptop computer sleeve by PastelsByArtyfax
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I am slowly building up a portfolio of products but am thinking that I need to add more of the iconic and text based designs. I will have to see where I go in the new year. 

My basic issue, and one that many sellers mention, is the inability to move products between shops. I thought at first this may have been due to a shop-based url but I cannot see any reference to the shop in the address - of course it could be contained in the code. I find I keep aadding stores when I have an idea for a different tack and it keeps rebounding on me since there are now so many. it makes it difficult to manage them. Especially since Zazzle destroyed hours of work in their last major change to the look of the site. Most of my shops are not now looking good at all.

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