Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Abstract Photographs Using Oil And Water

Colourful abstract images easily created by using oil and water.

I have used a very interesting technique, which my son found on the internet to create abstract photographic images for the products on these pages. Essentially Take a shallow dish, cover the bottom with water and sprinkle on some vegetable oil from the kitchen. Complete the rig with a glass sheet (from a photoframe) some coloured paper and a househhold lamp.

Read more on Oil and Water, Bubblews

I had great fun taking the photos and decided that  I could use them on Zazzle. The first products were to be stretched canvas prints, more will be added in the near future. Here is the first:-

And using the image and a handy photo-editor I then changed the colours to provide an extra image for another product. See the follow-up article.

And the canvas print created using this new image is:-

If you like the prints but would like to see them on another different product do leave me a comment, and that of course applies to any of the images on my Zazzle store.

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