Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Original Abstract Art On Canvas

Following on from the last post, I continue to present some of my art printed onto stretched canvas; these are from my "back catalogue". You can see, and read about, more of my art on my original art blog, "Artyfax - An Artists Blog". and on a Moth-balled blog, "Painting With John", which has been put on hold because I no longer distinguish between art of different genre - I found that too many blogs take more time than I have free at present.

Windows2 abstract canvas canvas print
Windows2 abstract canvas canvas print by PastelsByArtyfax
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I started painting abstracts simply to use some of the brighter soft pastel from sets which I had purchased, However, I grew to love abstract painting and it now forms a large part of my work. I hope that you might find these worthwhile.

By the way, these canvases come in many different sizes, and some are quite inexpensive. why not take a look at the above and maybe browse my Zazzle stores?

The images also appear on many different products, Zazzle now has a wide range and I can arrange to place any images on most of their products. Do contact me via a comment here or on Zazzle if you would like a special image on any product not available on my store.

I can also be found on any of the Zazzle national sites, as postage from the US can be prohibitive.

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