Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A source of public domain photos - HubbleTelescope gallery

Looking for inspiration for a new source of available public domain images I came across a gallery of images taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. As these are government sourced, they are in the public domain and an be used with attribution where necessary. In fact many government sourced scientific images are in the public domain and would provide a vast source of images. Try googling and see what you can find.

Being interested in the science of astronomy myself, I found this an absorbing source of images. It is necessary to be selective to find images of suitable size for the products on Zazzle but there are some very colourful and fascinating images available.

I have started with a few different products in my various stores, utilising these images. Such as these birthday cards:-

or these small gifts:-
white dwarf star tie tie
white dwarf star tie by ArtyfaxProducts
Create your own personalised neckties on

Many more products with these images on are available from other stores and I will feature some of these in my next post.

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