Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Greeting Cards On Zazzle

So much has been happening at home and I haven't had much time for the internet in any form. But I am finally able to see a littlte light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel. I have not been working on my Zazzle inventory until today and I have added a couple of cards to my Artyfax cards store. 
I have been working on some vintage greeting cards, these are the  images I seem to have easily available. For instance, this image of an owl ( from a collage sheet by Kim Newberg) has allowed me to use a little Harry Potter reference. Is he still cool and of the moment? Anyway here it is:-

I wanted to use this next image, also from Kim Newberg, but couldn't see exactly where it might be used. However that is the beauty of Zazzle, a buyer can personalise their messages if an image catches their fancy.

This last card uses a recent pastel painting of my own, with sentiments from the internet. I do mostly use my own words but found this and will be trying it out.

Hope I will be  making more regular posts from now on.

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