Sunday, 21 October 2012

Humerous quotes on Basic Tee Shirts

One thing it is easy to do is to find quotes on the internet, just google and you will find so many. A site which I have used for my last batch of Zazzle products is Hilarious funny quotes; one of the many. I have taken a few of the quotes and made them into a two-parter, the second part being the punch line and have used these on some basic white Tee-shirts. Let me show a couple of examples:-

ASK NO LIES Tee shirt
ASK NO LIES Tee shirt by artyfax
Browse Text T-Shirts

Of couse these are just the basic Tee, there are something llike 537 different styles which can be accessed via the customisation button. This is on an orange coloured texxt button on the bottom left of the image. 

How about some Tees from other stores, Mine are not the only gems around.

You can stop laughing now

thanks for your attention.

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