Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Using sillouettes in designing Zazzle products

How to decide upon new designs for Zazzle products. I wish I knew what sold well but I find it difficult to make any conclusions in that area.

I tried google and found several links but they do not seem to be able to be specific. Zazzle itself has a list of many niche areas available on an excel sheet but it is simply a list of of subject areas. No indication of which areas do well. It offers lists of trending themes, best sellers and most wished for but again these do not seem to be very helpful.

I am ready to give up and just do what I have been doing which is to create designs which I think are worthwhile and hope that someone, somewhere will fancy them. And try to have them available on as many products as possible. I am beginning to think it may be PROMOTION all over again. I understand CEO when I read about it but simply don't do enough of it. THIS has got to change - I need to get involved with promotion if I hope to make anything from the time I spend on the PC.

When I first started posting, I was not interested in making money on-line. But as it became possible to see some potential I started to feel disapppointed that I wasn't making more. A change in targets I wish had not happened, but it did. Now I need to start making sure that I do whatever I can to raise that total even though I am so frustrated with most things about the internet.

In particular, I am frustrated with Redgage
A site that you have to be daft to work with. It is still in beta after several years and is so full of bugs it rattle. I achieved their $25 dollar payout limit this summer but they said they had changed their mode of payment for off-shore members. For this piffling amount I was expected to provide there chosen partner with enough details to know me better than I know myself including a photocopy of my passport. Imagine that, sending my passport over the e-mail system to a company in a foreign country - well no thank you we all know how security is a sieve for most banks and internet companies. I have tended my resignation, they can have a cup of coffee on me!

Examples of the lapse of security on the internet are:-
Mossad, one of the most seccreetive secret services
IT&T i=pad mail users
Cahoot internet bank
Barclays bank

and many more later examples abound on the internet.


But the reason for this post was not to unload my frustration with Redgage on your shoulders but to post one or two of my latest designs. I have been playing with sillouettes. These are great fun and very simple, even simplistic. Will they find a niche? I don't know but here is a sample.
stallion sillouettes, tote bag
stallion sillouettes, tote bag by artyfax
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Lots more sillouette designs horses and other images on my Zazzle stores. 

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