Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Pillow Designs On Zazzle

I am still adding to the portfolio of designs on my Zazzle account: these three are digital designs. From a photograph of a red leaf bract on a pieris plant, I created a kaleidoscopic design using Photo Shop from a tutorial by Helen Bradley which I found on the web.

I then used the ability to change hue and saturation to create this design in three different colours. I have put these onto ipad covers and computer and messenger bags - so far. Today, I have created designs on throw pillows which I am posting here.

yellow kaleidoscopic abstract pillow
yellow kaleidoscopic abstract pillow by ArtyfaxProducts
Look at other Kaleidoscopic Pillows at zazzle.com

I will be adding these design to other products asap, if you are interested in any particular product please leave a comment here and I will endeavour to aadd the design to that product as a priority.

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