Sunday, 13 January 2013

Zazzle Sales and Branching Out

Well the bubble had to burst! I have not had much joy on Zazzle, my sales are non-existent:

three things:
  1. Nobody likes my designs
  2. I am not good enough at SEO to get them found, or poor at promoting the products
  3. Zazzle is too expensive, although lots do seem to get to the Zazzle pro level
Or maybe any combination of all three. I am resolved to keep at it and to try to get better with promotion and keep posting design from time to time.

But I am also resolved to try more POD sites and widen my potential visibility. the first alternative site I have opened an account on, is RedBubble I have uploaded several of my pastel landscapes and a number of photographs, not near enough I know but time on the computer is at a premium. Slowly but surely is the way forward, I am not after a get-rich-quick-route as long as I can show some progress after 12 months.

See this image on various prints and other products at Redbubble

Talking about progress reminds me, I have been on RedGage now for 12 months sharing photos, links and the odd blog post. I have earned about 56 dollars over that time for simply sharing the content. As the portfolio of content increases I expect that the rate of rise in these earnings will improve. Again I need to promote my content on the site more but time is still the enemy. On the other hand it should be a small passive income to add to other small income streams which may amount to something one of these days.

It is a good job that my main reason for sitting at the computer is fun and enjoying my hobbies of photography, painting and writing. LOL

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