Saturday, 1 February 2014

How Can I Find What Sells On Zazzle?

This is a question which I have asked myself ever since opening my first store. The idea at that time was that I would be able to offer images of my paintings and make a little cash on top of any that I made by selling the painting itself. This has not proved the case and in fact have made few sales of products carrying images of my art, paintings or otherwise. The majority of sales have been with very different images.

A few photographs mine and those from public domain sources, and vintage images on cards have been my biggest selling items. I have sold a few larger (and more expensive) item such as apparel but they seem to be those with humerous text messages. I need to do a rethink and create a new strategy and simply ask myself if it is worth my while to carry on with a time consuming task, i.e. designing products for sale, when there is little reward.

I have been checking on google to see if anyone has found the secret, but if so they certainly haven't passed it on. Oh there are some simple tips but no more than confirms my own findings. For example, a blog post titled, What Every Artist Ought to Know About Zazzle (Part Two) includes tips for selling on the site. It starts:-

Zazzle has many benefits for the aspiring artist and a great reputation especially for a print on demand company, but any business model has drawbacks.  This article will highlight the ones I have found to be the most bothersome.  You can make a full time income with Zazzle and work from home, but you need to be prepared and discover all you can from others like me who have earned royalties.

 A couple of my latest sellers have a touch of deja vuabout them (see the last post for the explanation).

Another card with a hubble photograph:-

and another sale of this twice lucky tee;

I will be repoting more on this research in the next post, but I am thinking that I should carry on with my art for my own benefit as I do get lots of praise for the designs - just no sales! I should be adding more text-based humour on apparel and use photos and suchlike for cards and other products. More next time ....

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