Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My landscape paintings on Zazzle

My main pre-occupation is painting and lately I have been using pastels as my main medium. The colours are so vibrant and the technique I have developed is great for textured work. Plus the work can often be worked over if not satisfactory. Take a look at my painting blog to read about my methods. And you can read about this medium on Wikpedia or here.

The point with this story is that I use most of my paintings to produce designs on Zazzle. This is my latest, printed on a stretched canvas:

Many different sizes, are available (smaller than the given example and less expensive) and also three different thicknesses. But do beware if the thicknesss is customised, as the image goes right around the sides. let me show you a few more:-

Woodland River Bank Canvas Prints
Woodland River Bank Canvas Prints by PastelsByArtyfax
Browse more Yellow Canvas Prints at Zazzle

Of course all of these designs are available (or could be) on posters, cards, postcards and many more products. I will  add some more products in another post. BTW, Zazzle has added many new products
toits product range lately - you could be surprised at just waht you can customise. Take a look and find out.

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