Friday, 28 February 2014

New Greeting Cards On Zazzle

The Gondolas on the canals of Venice (Italy) are associated with many things but especially for tourists - with romance.

I have found a source of photographs on Flickr where the photographer has graciously given all rights to use his images freely. If only more would do that, but I guess we all have to try and protect our art. But I have used a few of these images to create new greeting cards. I will still use my own - but nice to be able to do something different.

Here are a couple from Venice:

I also liked a series of images from this source, of decorated masks. I decided to use a couple of these as well, hope you like them:-

And there was a simple image of a red candle burning in a wreath - very christmassy, so I used this as well - never too early for christmas :)

Well there we are, nice to use your own images - and I do, paintings, collages and photos - but nice to be able to use a few from a different perspective. My thanks to gnuckx from Flickr

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