Saturday, 18 June 2011

A greeting card to throw a little light on a birthday

Still plodding away and learning as I go. Today I became concerned that although the photographic images I had been  uploading to Zazzle are fine, the scans of my art works are a little "iffy" in terms of size. I may need to consider this issue very carefully. Luckily, I have got many more photos than scans.

The problem is that the scans are smaller than the photographic images even though they are a much higher resolution. This is something that has bothered me for sometime but I believe that I was mistaken in thinking that the scans were of a suitable size, because they were a higher resolution. I have discussed this fully on my Squidoo page, my first steps with Zazzle. I put some figures to the different sources of the images and compare them with the recommended values from Zazzle.

 For now, I am posting another greeting card, possibly for a green-fingered gardener. Whatever, here it is:-

I think that I will use this to make a series of specific numbered birthday cards, i.e. put a large 30,40.....,70 etc. in a suitable location omn the card. I will probably do this with some of the others. The buyer can personalise a card but will they want to bother. OK, I will provide the effort and hope that someone appreciates it.

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