Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Floral mugs, large chrysanthemum images

This week I offer a group of mugs which have three large chrysanthemum blooms set in an overlapping pattern around the sides of the mug.
Red chrysanthemum mug
Red chrysanthemum mug by ArtyfaxProducts
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Yellow chrysanthemum mug
Yellow chrysanthemum mug by ArtyfaxProducts
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Blue chrysanthemum mug
Blue chrysanthemum mug by ArtyfaxProducts
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The original photograph was a bunch of flowers,

I extracted the centre bloom. Because of the purple flower at bottom centre I had to take a copy of part of the yellow flower, rotate it to match and then paste to a layer underneath the original extracted image. Sound complicated - no of course not, I have described extracting images in an article on squidoo.

I then saved as a dot PNG image to retain the transparent background and recoloured the yellow image to a dark red and then a soft blue. Nothing like offering a choice?

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