Monday, 3 February 2014

What Sells Best On Zazzle - 2 ?

Following on from my last post, I have found a page on Zazzle itself which offers 8 tips to help answer this question. A few of these are:-

  1. Best Sellers: a selection of products which are selling well
  2. Most wished for: products which zazzlers/customers have favorited most
  3. Todays best: similar to #1 but more current
  4. Trending: what looks as if it might be about to surface
  5. Top searches: what are people looking for
#4 and #5 look very similar but are on different pages. The other two are about how to select a niche and find inspiration for new products.

Because of the success (two sales) of a particular tee-shirt, I have decided to design more with simply text and no images. I have tried to be innovative not always successful and here are some examples.

STILL 21 Ladies t-shirt
STILL 21 Ladies t-shirt by artyfax
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I make mistakes men's t-shirt
I make mistakes men's t-shirt by artyfax
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Still got lots more research to do, will get back to you with any positive results - promise 

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